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Heijmans wins contract to widen A1 Apeldoorn-Twello

1 March 2022, 07:17

The Ministry of Public Works and Waterways (Rijkswaterstaat) has provisionally awarded Heijmans the contract to widen the A1 motorway between Apeldoorn and Twello. Once the so-called standstill period has elapsed, the ministry can proceed with the definite award of the contract. We expect this to happen in March of this year. The work on the motorway is scheduled to start in Q4 2022 and the plan is to open the widened road in Q2 2025. This project represents revenue of around € 150 million for Heijmans.

14 kilometres of motorway

The contract is for phase 2 of the widening of the A1 motorway, in part to 2x3 lanes and in part to 2x4 lanes between Apeldoorn and Twello, a stretch of some 14 kilometres of motorway. The project also includes the reconstruction of the Beekbergen junction, the Voorst exit, the Twello exit and the laying of a parallel structure between the junction and the Voorst exit. Heijmans will also make adjustments to the underlying road network and build two service areas. Heijmans recently completed the widening of the A1 motorway between Twello and the Azelo junction, a project we successfully delivered Q2 2021 and which is directly connected to this new project. Heijmans will use the same team, so we can make the most efficient use of the lessons learned from that project in this new assignment.

Important connection

The aim of this project is to prevent delays due to the increasing (freight) traffic on the A1. This section of the motorway is an important connection between a number of economic regions in the Netherlands and beyond. Smooth traffic flows on this route are also important for the accessibility and economic development of this region.

Goals and ambitions

The Ministry of Public Works and Waterways wants to be fully climate neutral and work according to circular principles by 2030. Heijmans Infra will work fully in line with these ambitions, including the application of new technologies, the reuse of materials and emission-free equipment.