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Share, analysts and shareholders

The share

The Heijmans share

The number of (depositary receipts for) ordinary shares amounts to 21,409,169 as of 28 April 2017, each with a nominal value of € 0.30. One ordinary share entitles its holder to 30 votes. Depositary receipts for Heijmans shares are listed on NYSE Euronext, ASCX (smallcap). In addition, there are 4,510,000 cumulative preference shares B in issue with a nominal value of €0.21 each. No depositary receipts have been issued for these shares and they are unlisted. The shares are held by Kempen Capital Management N.V. and NN Group N.V. (each 50%). One share entitles its holder to 1.278 votes.


Shareholding spread

To the extent the Company is aware, and also on the basis of the WMZ (Dutch Major Holdings in listed companies Disclosure Act) register maintained by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the following investors held an interest of 3% or more in Heijmans as at 31 December 2018:


Overview analysts

Below mentioned analysts follow Heijmans:

Bank Analist Telephone
ABN Amro Martijn den Drijver +31 20 628 0042
ING Financial Markets Tijs Hollestelle +31 20 563 8789
KBC Securities Bart Cuijpers +32 2 429 39 41
Kepler Cheuvreux André Mulder +31 20 563 2380
De Groof/ Petercam Luuk van Beek +31 20 573 5471