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Heijmans to build 203 social rental homes on Oostenburg in Amsterdam

25 January 2022, 07:15

Heijmans has started construction of 203 government-regulated rental homes on Oostenburg island, the new city neighbourhood currently being built in the eastern section of Amsterdam city centre, for the Stadgenoot housing corporation. Heijmans expects to deliver the project in Q4 2023. The project will generate total revenue of around € 26 million for Heijmans.

Various target groups

The new complex will have 173 studios – spread across three building sections – for a younger target group. Another building section will offer 30 homes for seniors, fully in line with the affordable living needs of older urbanites. The complex will also include a wide gallery and a common area on the ground floor to provide sufficient space for meeting other people. Stadgenoot wants to create a diverse neighbourhood, with social homes, mid-rental segment homes and a range of entry points for young people, seniors and residential groups.

Sustainability and safety

As creators of a healthy living environment, Heijmans views sustainability and safety as two of its highest priorities: the gas-free homes will come complete with high-grade insulated facades and green roofs. The plinths of three of the four buildings will include space for commercial activities. Heijmans has opted for a prefab building system to minimise the impact on the neighbourhood. Another advantage of this system is that we will be able to complete the project more quickly. Heijmans previously worked with Stadgenoot on the construction of 151 rental homes and 500 m² of commercial space on Oostenburg.

A city neighbourhood for everyone

Under the leadership of Stadgenoot, Oostenburg is set to become an accessible city neighbourhood, with a mix of social, mid-rental segment and liberalised sector rental homes, owner-occupier apartments, self-build homes, relaxation areas, bars and restaurants and commercial spaces. A neighbourhood for both low-income and high-income households, along with entrepreneurs, bar and restaurant operators, artists, musicians, people from adjacent neighbourhoods and visitors from outside the city. In the period to 2026, Area director Stadgenoot – together with its social, public sector and commercial partners – will build a new neighbourhood on Oostenburg with around 1,800 homes. And they will retain the historical core of Oostenburg: the 19th-Century Van Gendthallen, the listed Werkspoorhal, the old quay walls and the Werkspoor’s iconic blue lifting blocks. The island was once a centre of trade and industry, with warehouses full of spices from the East Indies.

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