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Gasthuiskwartier GZG Den Bosch Heijmans hotspot juli 2021.jpg
A stroke of luck for the city centre

GZG-site, Den Bosch

8 April 2014
150 million
VOF GZG (Heijmans & AM RED)

The former Groot Ziekengasthuis (GZG) hospital moved from its location in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 2011, of which five hectares is still waiting to be given a new role. The GZG site is now being transformed step-by-step into a new part of the city centre. Monuments are being re-purposed, other buildings are making way for new ones.

Special for five reasons

1. Puzzle

Transforming five hectares in the town centre in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is an advanced puzzle. Demolition, new build, restoration and temporary solutions need to be fine-tuned to precision and the area must continuously remain a continual part of the town.

2. Dot

Complexity and a long lead time? The answer to that is flexibility. We are working towards the creation of a new section of the city centre from on a dot on the horizon. Something that can be adapted to the needs of time and with an ambition that leaves everyone tingling with excitement.

3. Film career

In the meantime the old hospital buildings have built up quite a career, including being used as a film location. The TV series ‘Charlie’ brought the empty hospital rooms back to life in their old role.

4. Library of the future

The monumental Chapel seems to be the perfect place to acquire new skills with the library of the future. The Den Bosch library and Town Records will temporarily occupy the former Chapel to try out their future role.

5. Natural replenishment

The new houses will soon replenish the centre naturally. There will be a continuation of the small scale street pattern of the existing centre which will slowly change into more of a city environment. This will transform from an enclosed site into an additional part of the city centre.