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Noorderhaven Zutphen luchtfoto Heijmans juni 2021.jpg
New Neighbours for the City Centre

Noorderhaven, Zutphen

8 April 2014
300 million
Gemeente Zutphen

Noorderhaven. A modern addition to the city centre of Zutphen. With more than 1,000 monuments, the ancient trading city is still tangible in Zutphen. A good example is the best sermon. Noorderhaven replaces the former Reesink site. Traces of trade and industry? They still remain.

Special for five reasons

1. Establishing Connections

Connecting the ancient city and the new construction area of Noorderhaven ensures interaction between citizens and cohesion of the city. The arrival of the IJssel Boulevard, reinstating the old harbour, laying down new roads and pathways make that possible.

Noorderhaven Zutphen luchtfoto Heijmans juni 2021.jpg

2. Bread Factory Becomes Cleantech Center

The former bread factory is converted into a Cleantech Center. We bought the factory for a symbolic amount. The characteristic building provides room for new initiatives that will set the tone in the area in future.

3. German Hangar

Reesink, a company established on the premises at the beginning of the 20th century as a specialist in agricultural mechanization equipment, bought a Germany aircraft hangar in 1919 at a reasonable price and rebuilt it in Zutphen. This was very unique, but unfortunately not suitable for reuse.


4. Offer Choices

Continue to hold on to residents in the city. That is what we wish to achieve in Zutphen. Commuting units bring convenience and entrepreneurship. The Heijmans Brand provides good rental property at an affordable price. This is how we bring creativity and starters to Noorderhaven.

5. Taking Small Steps

Long-term perspective and astute short-term interventions. With the dot on the horizon, Heijmans undertakes a coordinating role, from initiative to completion. Together with many partners, there is one clear goal: a green urban district that the people of Zutphen can be proud of.