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Nationaal Militair Museum Soesterberg nevel 2014.jpg
The Armed Forces in one Museum

National Military Museum, Soesterberg

8 April 2021
160 million
Ministry of Defence

The National Military Museum (NMM) highlights the importance of the Dutch armed forces in the past, present and future. With additional focus on the collections of the army and air force. Situated on the Soesterberg former air force base, the NMM is a museum building with international allure: powerful in its simplicity, rich in detail.

Special for five reasons

1. A strong director

For this project Heijmans is bringing together a diverse range of disciplines. Areas of expertise from outside of Heijmans have also been brought in: from museology to catering. With Heijmans as the director, partners can focus on their core activities.

2. Four soccer fields

The spectacular 110 by 250 metre roof was inspired by the construction of Bailey bridges. All of the necessary components are prefabricated. The four metre high roof, covers the interior spaces, but also protects the aeroplanes that are in the open air.

3. Sustainable design

The starting point for the design was the sustainable (re-)use of materials. Through calculating the life cycle costs an optimum balance between the initial costs, minimising maintenance and limiting energy use was sought for each time.

4. EMVI criterion as starting point

The NMM was awarded based on EMVI: the most value for money. The qualitative starting points are reflected in the landscape design, architecture, museological design and the re-use of the existing buildings to name but a few.

5. A twenty-five year involvement

A hospitality concept has been developed for the 25 year exploitation period. Doing so Heijmans answers to the client’s desire: a long-term commitment to make a success of the museum together.

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