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Looking after our health

European Medicines Agency (EMA), Amsterdam

8 April 2021
255 million
Dura Vermeer

EMA’s new office is being erected on the Amsterdam Zuidas. EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation and supervision of medicines for the benefit of public and animal health in the European Union. Heijmans has formed building combination EMA with Dura Vermeer, to whom the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf awarded this Design, Build and Maintain project, to create a new office for the employees of this leading European institute.

Special for five reasons

1. Short construction time

The construction period can be called short to say the least. The office with a gross surface area of 38,000 m2, a height of 81 metres, containing approximately 900 workplaces will be built in less than two years. Piling works started in May 2018 and the building will be delivered in November 2019.

2. Highly sustainable

The new building must meet high sustainability demands in order to result in a BREEAM Excellent rating and a Bijna Energie Neutraal Gebouw (BENG – nearly zero-energy building) energy performance. The latter means that 50% of the energy is obtained from sustainable sources.

3. Climbing formwork

The building’s concrete core is created using a climbing formwork. This entails a 24/7 three shifts a day operation. Each day, the core grows another 2.30 metres. They expect to reach a height of 81 metres in 35 days.

4. Integrated landscape ribbon

Notable is the integrated landscape ribbon linking the inside to the outside. The entrance, roof terrace and vertical garden form the basis for this. Organic patterns in the site’s floor design guide pedestrians towards the entrance. These patterns can also be found in the roof terrace and coffee lounge containing a vertical garden.

5. Also after delivery

The building combination is not only responsible for the realisation of this project, but will remain involved through maintenance and management after the delivery. Heijmans will fulfil a key role in this 20-year Maintain phase.