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Heijmans to increase capacity of TenneT high-voltage grid

23 December 2022, 07:15

Heijmans is one of a total of six preferred suppliers contracted to expand and reinforce TenneT's high-voltage grid in the Netherlands. The EU-302 Civil Works Cable Connections framework agreement signed today has an initial term of eight years and a total contract value of €800 million for the six preferred suppliers.

Heijmans finished in the top group in this tender process on the basis of TenneT’s award criteria. This puts Heijmans in a good starting position to be awarded contracts for a significant part of the work covered by the framework contract.

The programme focuses on the laying of high-voltage connections between high-voltage substations in open trenches or by drilling under roads and waterways.

Expanding existing cooperation

Heijmans is involved as a partner in the civil engineering and construction work for the new construction, expansion, reconstruction, renovation, dismantling and replacement of high-voltage and low-voltage installations.

As one of TenneT's nine preferred suppliers, over the past two years Heijmans has been involved in the expansion and renewal of 360 high-voltage substations in the Netherlands. This EU-303 Stations framework agreement has a term of 11 years.

Energy transition requires increased capacity

TenneT faces a major challenge in the coming years. The demand for the transport of electricity is increasing due to the energy transition. This is due in part to an increase in power generation via wind turbines and solar parks. But also, for example, because new buildings are now equipped with smart applications and industry is becoming increasingly electrified.

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