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Heijmans acquires Dynniq Energy, strengthing position in energy market

13 May 2022, 07:15

Heijmans has acquired Dynniq Energy, strengthening its position as an integrated player in the market for the construction and maintenance of energy-related infrastructure. Dynniq Energy is a specialist in the design, construction and upgradation of high, medium and low-voltage power stations for grid managers and household energy connections.

Heijmans’ strategic growth

Energy infrastructure is one of the strategic growth pillars of Heijmans. The Netherlands is facing a major energy transition and this is accelerating the call for reinforcing its electricity grids and the construction of district heating networks. In addition to energy transport, the demand from inner-city areas for energy grid reinforcement as well as capacity expansion and availability of energy is increasing. Heijmans is already active in a multidisciplinary manner in the area of electricity transport and distribution, and thanks to the acquisition of Dynniq Energy is now in an even stronger position. The acquisition of Dynniq Energy – including approximately 100 employees and annual revenue of more than € 30 million – is a logical step in Heijmans’ strategy of accelerated growth in this market.

Heijmans will not be disclosing the financial details of the transaction. The acquisition is still subject to approval by the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority (ACM). As soon as approval is obtained, the acquisition will be effective. Each Works Council has already given their respective approval for the agreement.

Integrated player

"Dynniq Energy’s knowledge and expertise will strengthen our position as an integrated chain partner for grid operators," says Heijmans Infra board chairman Bart Smolders. “This acquisition puts us in an even stronger position in this growth market. We are increasing synergies with a party we already work with closely on multiple projects before today. From design to construction and maintenance, from spatial integration to environmental management. Together, we can build and manage the energy infrastructure chain end to end between source and user,” says Smolders.

Transition to sustainable energy

Heijmans has been building energy infrastructure for various utilities companies for many years. As a specialist in the field of high-quality cable systems, Heijmans ensures that electricity networks are always available. Heijmans also incorporates energy aspects into its design, construction and maintenance activities and ensures energy supply is a fixed part of its area development projects. With the transition to sustainable energy and the increasing use of electric transport and electrical appliances, the energy grid in the Netherlands needs to be expanded and modernised, as to remain reliable.

About Dynniq Energy

With its head office in Moordrecht, Dynniq Energy focuses on improving energy supply. This includes both the distribution of cables and pipelines to districts and households as well as the engineering and construction of stations for high-voltage networks. The company is a recognised player in the improvement of electricity networks to achieve a low-CO2 emission energy economy. The company’s important customers include grid managers such as Liander, Stedin and TenneT. Dynniq Energy B.V. has been an independent player in the Dutch energy market since 2019.

The company was originally part of Imtech Traffic & Infra, which was acquired by private equity firm Egeria in 2015. "The existing partnership with Heijmans in the energy market has created a good foundation for and confidence in the current acquisition," says Mark Wetzels of Egeria. "As an advisory board, we are extremely proud of what the entire Dynniq Energy team has achieved and we wish them a bright future under the Heijmans banner," Wetzels adds. "We were already working together successfully and our cultures are a good fit. This is the perfect step to provide our clients with even better support in achieving their strategic objectives," says Maarten van Raaij, CEO of Dynniq Energy.

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