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Heijmans wins Variable Maintenance contract for roads in East Netherlands

7 December 2023, 07:15

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) has awarded Heijmans a four-year contract for Variable Maintenance on the motorways, trunk roads and civil structures in southern Gelderland and southern Overijssel, also known as East Netherlands parcel south. In geographical terms, these are all the roads managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Water Management south of the A1 motorway in the above-mentioned provinces.

One of the main reasons the Ministry awarded this contract definitively to Heijmans was the approach Heijmans offered for the joint determination of the maintenance required in this assignment and the chain cooperation this will require. The four-year framework agreement has a value of approximately € 125 million.


Heijmans is responsible for the execution and process supervision of the Variable Maintenance across the entire maintenance chain. Six values are central to the partnership: safety, availability, reliability, client satisfaction, sustainability and environmental awareness, and safeguarding network quality. During the four-year agreement, each year Heijmans will scope out the work to be carried out in the chain. Based on the scoping process, the entire maintenance chain can then jointly determine how and when the work will be carried out. This ensures both optimal cooperation and flexibility in production.

“We offer comparable sustainability standards for these maintenance activities as for the recently awarded A2-A12 motorway project around Utrecht. It is perfectly logical that the maintenance of these national roads will also be carried out according to high sustainability standards, using circular asphalt for the most part. We are therefore pleased with the confidence the Ministry of Public Works and Water Management has shown in us in this project, too,” says Bart Smolders, Heijmans Infra board chairman.

Overview of roads

The agreement includes all motorways, trunk roads and civil structures south of the A1 in Overijssel and Gelderland South. This covers the major and life-extending maintenance of paved surfaces (272 km of national roads). The maintenance of the bridges and viaducts includes the refurbishment of handrails, the replacement of expansion joints and the execution of concrete repairs.

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