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Heijmans to upgrade N282 and N260A roads

21 October 2022, 08:00

The province of North Brabant has awarded Heijmans the contract for the improved sustainability and upgrade of the N282 and N260A roads near Rijen and Hulten. For Heijmans, the project represents revenue of around € 15 million.

The project will solve the daily traffic jams on the N282 and N260A roads and increase road safety for all road users. Heijmans is opting for sustainable and green solutions wherever possible.

Heijmans will widen both N roads to 2x2 lanes along the entire stretch, add a turn-off to the south-west to the west of Hulten, while the N282 near Hulten will become a low-traffic section of road. A green median strip along the entire length of the route will provide continuity, while the same lighting and entrance and exit design between the N260 (Burgemeester Letscherweg) and the N631 (Oosterhoutseweg) will make everything recognisable for drivers. Heijmans will also add underground fauna passages, a two-way cycle path and a natural noise barrier.

Preparatory work started in the autumn of 2022, and traffic will be driving along the new N282 by the end of 2023.