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Speelplein BLOEI030

Heijmans to build 264 rental apartments in Utrecht’s Leidsche Rijn Centrum

30 November 2023, 07:15

Heijmans is set to start construction on the BLOEI030 project on Berlinplein in Utrecht in early 2024. Heijmans was awarded the contract, along with developer Wonam and the Woonin housing corporation, following a tender by the City of Utrecht. The project will add 264 rental apartments in the centre of Utrecht’s Leidsche Rijn district.

Heijmans and its partners won the tender in 2021, after which they developed the plan in more detail. The construction part of the project has a revenue value of € 55 million for Heijmans. The new building will include 156 social rental homes and 108 mid-rental segment homes. It will also offer around 1,500 m2 of social business spaces and workplaces. Construction of this inner-city development is expected to start in the first quarter of 2024 and will take about two and a half years to complete.

Protected homes

One of the special features of the plan is that 40 homes are earmarked for the ‘Beschermd Thuis’ (protected at home) assisted living initiative, a collaboration with the Salvation Army. People will be able to live independently in these homes with intensive guidance. Wonam and Woonin will rent out these apartments. BLOEI030 can count on a contribution of € 3.3 million from the government’s Startbouwimpuls (Start Building Impulse) initiative.

Maarten Cornelissen, Real Estate Manager at Woonin: “In BLOEI030, we are creating space and warm places for vulnerable people, in collaboration with other parties, including the Salvation Army. The building will soon house a diverse mix of people in different housing types, with a strong focus on meeting each other. The building encourages people from different walks of life to come together, for example in the climate garden and edible garden, or in the square. With this project, Woonin is targeting community-building with people who are motivated to do so.”

'Healthy living'

The complex will have six residential floors. The residential tower blocks will consist of interconnected buildings, forming sheltered squares, streets and courtyards inside the complex. Each building will have its own individual architecture and character. BLOEI030 stands for sustainable and social impact, with the underlying idea of 'Healthy living'. Healthy because of the sustainable character, the green inner courtyards and the focus on meeting and exercise. The idea behind the ‘living’ component is that the complex is easily accessible, is close to amenities and its location on the Berlinplein square. Living also stands for the mixed offering of housing types, varied façades and height accents.

Robert Kohsiek, director at Wonam: “We are delighted that construction of BLOEI030 will start soon. There is a growing shortage of affordable housing in the Utrecht region. With this project, together with Woonin, we are adding 264 homes in the social rental and mid-rental rental segments in a good location.”

Marc de Vreede, Building & Technology managing director at Heijmans agrees. “BLOEI030 shows that when different parties work together with one ultimate goal, you can actually realise affordable housing with maximum results in terms of social cohesion.”

About Wonam

Wonam develops and invests in the new-build and transformation of rental housing, primarily in the Amsterdam and Utrecht regions. We actively seek cooperation with corporations, local authorities and market players in the development of special housing concepts.

About Woonin

Woonin is a housing corporation that understands the art of public housing. We are close to our tenants and have the ambition and strength to expand our housing stock, both qualitatively and quantitatively. We are active in Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Houten and Wijk bij Duurstede.

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