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Royal Heijmans: solid first half and confidence in the future.

28 July 2023, 07:15


  • Revenue rises to € 937 million (was € 864 million in first half of 2022).
  • Sharply higher revenue at Infra and Non-residential more than offsets lower revenue at Property development.
  • Order book increases to € 2.6 billion, from € 2.4 billion.
  • Underlying EBITDA € 49 million, all business areas within strategic ranges.
  • 100 years of Heijmans: awarded Royal predicate.
  • All Heijmans business areas achieve step 4 on the safety ladder.
  • Acquisition of Van Wanrooij announced on 21 June.
  • Outlook: higher revenue; underlying EBITDA of at least € 107 million.

Ton Hillen, CEO Heijmans;

“Royal Heijmans enjoyed a good and memorable six months. In early June, we rounded off a period in which we celebrated 100 years of Heijmans with a grand party where we were joined by thousands of employees and their partners. And the company was awarded the Royal predicate. The crowning of our work and that of the many generations before us”, says Ton Hillen, CEO of Heijmans during the presentation of the half year report 2023.

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