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A Connection with Ecological Value

A12 Veenendaal - Ede - Grijsoord

8 April 2014
Veenendaal - Ede - Grijsoord
80 million
Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management

The A12, an important east-west connection in the Netherlands, will be widened between Ede and Grijsoord at the beginning of 2015 from 2 × 2 to 2 × 3 lanes over an 11-km stretch. This will significantly improve traffic flow and safety on the A12. This route runs partly through the Veluwe nature reserve; care for nature requires special attention. The ecological embedding of the A12 is part of the total approach of Heijmans.

Special for five reasons

1. First PPP Infrastructure

The A12 Veenendaal – Ede – Grijsoord is the first Public Private Partnership in the Dutch infrastructure for Heijmans. Heijmans is responsible for the entire project, from design to maintenance, including financing (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain). Various road construction and civil engineering disciplines are working together on this contract.

2. Badger, Deer and Reptile

Part of the plan includes the defragmentation of the habitats of specific groups of animals through the creation of fauna corridors and additional ecological connections across and alongside the railway. This will increase the habitat of these animals considerably. We do this for badgers and deer, but also for pine martens, bats, lizards, slow-worms and snakes.

3. Green Cooperation

The plan is developed in cooperation with organisations that are familiar with the flora and fauna in the area around the A12: EcoGroen, H+N+S Landscape Architects, RAVON and the Mammal Society. This leads to a landscape and ecological embedding that looks beyond just the A12 connection.

4. Keep on Driving

By first tackling the Grijsoord junction, clever phasing and noise-reduction measures, Heijmans ensures good road traffic flow. Disruption to the railway is also avoided as much as possible by working at night when the trains do not run.

5. 16-Year Maintenance

After completion at the end of 2016, Heijmans will be responsible for maintenance and management until the end of 2032, not only for the widened stretch of the A12 between Ede and Grijsoord, but for the entire route Veenendaal – Ede – Grijsoord.