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Ton en Van Gisbergen

Royal Heijmans strengthens position on Brabant housing market

9 July 2024, 07:15

Heijmans is acquiring all the activities of project developer and construction firm Van Gisbergen (, headquartered in Hooge Mierde, in the province of North Brabant. Van Gisbergen is a developing builder with a primary focus on houses in the Greater Eindhoven region. Van Gisbergen recorded revenue of € 45 million in 2023, with a net profit of € 3 million. The company has its own portfolio of 2,200 land positions. The acquisition price is € 13 million to be paid in cash.

Van Gisbergen was founded in 1900 by the grandfather of the current director and shareholder, Peter van Gisbergen. Van Gisbergen is a stable, profitable company that stands out thanks to its strong local network, high-quality and innovation, and it will be a great addition to Heijmans.


The intended acquisition will strengthen Heijmans’ market position in property development and construction in the Greater Eindhoven area. The need for housing in the area around Eindhoven is high due to the strong economic growth in the Brainport region.

Van Gisbergen will continue to operate independently, with day-to-day management in the hands of Alf van der Sanden (Director of the Construction business) and Tino Verspaandonk (Director of Project development). Heijmans is pleased that Peter van Gisbergen has agreed to remain involved with the company until the end of 2025 and to hand over his duties in phases. Maarten van Duijn (Chairman of the Heijmans Property Development board) will be Van Gisbergen’s first point of contact at Heijmans. All employees (55 FTEs) will remain in service and the company will continue to operate from its current location and under its own name. Van Gisbergen’s employees have now been informed.

The works councils of both companies have issued positive recommendations on the acquisition. The transaction will be submitted to the Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) for approval. The acquisition will only be final (‘closing’) once this approval has been received.

Ton Hillen, Heijmans CEO, said:

“This acquisition is a good fit with Heijmans’ strategy, as presented at theCapital Markets Day this May, in which the housing market is a key focus for our continued growth. Van Gisbergen has a land portfolio and a strong reputation in a growing region of the Netherlands. This transaction underlines our confidence in the Dutch housing market. Indeed, the underlying demand for new-build homes in the Greater Eindhoven region remains as high as ever, driven by strong economic growth and a growing population.”

Peter van Gisbergen, Van Gisbergen CEO, said:

“As I have no business succession in place, I had been looking for an acquisition candidate for some time. Three criteria were important to me on this front: that the employees would be treated with respect and that everyone could be transferred; that the company could continue independently under its own name; and that the company could continue to work from our location in Hooge Mierde. Given the takeover by Heijmans and with the commitment of Alf and Tino, I am convinced that the continuity of the company is now guaranteed.”

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