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The project represents a revenue of around € 40 million

Heijmans signs agreement for 116 new homes in Hellevoetsluis

8 July 2021, 07:30

Heijmans has signed an agreement for the construction of 116 new homes in the planned De Boomgaard neighbourhood in Hellevoetsluis, a town to the south west of Rotterdam. The Grond Exploitatie Maatschappij (GEM) De Boomgaard public-private partnership – which includes developers Adriaan van Erk Ontwikkeling and Roosdom Tijhuis, together with Heijmans – is set to realise a total of 360 new homes. For Heijmans, the project represents revenue of around € 40 million.

The GEM will develop the land and issue the building lots to the three market parties, each of which will develop and realise their part of the real estate. The first phase of the Boomgaard neighbourhood will comprise a total of 360 homes. If the plans of the municipality and the GEM De Boomgaard go ahead, phase 2 will add another 432 homes. The municipality still has to reach agreement with the provincial and regional authorities on phase 2. In this potential follow-up project, Heijmans would be responsible for the construction of around 144 homes, in addition to the 116 homes in phase 1.

The De Boomgaard neighbourhood will be located to the west of Rijksstraatweg and north of the Parnassialaan, where the Hellevoetsluis municipality has been looking to develop a new residential area for many years. Alderman Peter Schop: “I am extremely pleased we reached this point. We have been looking to build a new neighbourhood here for a long time. This agreement brings that a good deal closer. There is a lot of demand here for new homes, and a need for mobility in the housing market. De Boomgaard will help us realise that.” The agreement with the GEM was signed on Wednesday 7 July. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023.

Country living

The De Boomgaard neighbourhood will have a rural feel. This means that the neighbourhood will be laid out spaciously, with lots of green areas and trees. GEM De Boomgaard has drawn up a development vision, outlining what country living means for this area. This vision will provide guidance for the plans for the first 360 homes, which will be developed in more detail in the coming period. A zoning plan will be drawn up for this first phase. You will find more information at

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