Anyone who has ever cycled in an unlit rural area in the evening or at night is well aware that precise orientation can often be tricky in the pitch darkness. This can create hazardous situations, like colliding with oncoming traffic, or ending up in a ditch. In many cases it’s too expensive to install public lighting in these areas. Or it’s not viable for the authorities, because there’s too little cycle traffic. Or it’s not desirable, to prevent light pollution. In all such places the new Glowstud by Heijmans can offer a safe, sustainable and very affordable alternative.

Safe, sustainable, interactive

The Glowstud is an active road marking system that combines solar power with glow-in-the-dark elements. Heijmans developed this product with the concepts of light, safety, sustainability, guidance and interaction in mind. The light guides the road user and ensures safety. The energy that powers the LED lighting is generated sustainably through solar cells. The glow-in-the-dark elements stimulate interaction between cyclists and the Glowstud.


The light guides the road user and ensures safety.

Light all night

The Glowstud is extremely efficient, because the photovoltaic (solar) cells charge the system by day. The cells then deliver enough energy to let the LED lighting shine the entire night. Even in winter when the days are short and darkness is extended. Cycle paths and footpaths fitted with Glowstud markings provide good guidance. Bends ahead are seen clearly, enhancing the road user’s comfort.

Innovation and design

Glowstud is an excellent example of how innovation and design can blend with nature and recreation. The technology’s primary objective is to improve traffic safety. The Glowstud also meets the steadily growing need to avoid light pollution and to save energy. Glowstud is a Heijmans product that is marketed by Fijen BV from Raamsdonksveer.

The benefits in a nutshell

  • Improves traffic safety
  • Light all night
  • Improves road guidance
  • Avoids unnecessary light pollution
  • Generates its own sustainable energy
  • Good alternative to costly public lighting

Factsheet Glowstud_EN.PDF (1.8 MB)