Five questions for Carmen Felix

Test pilot Heijmans ONE

Graduated. A full time job. Everything in your life under control. But at the same time you can’t find an ‘adult home’ that is appropriate and you are still living in a student room. This is the situation Carmen Felix is in. She is the target group for the Heijmans ONE and is the first person to test the movable home.

December 17, 2014

Who is Carmen Felix?

I studied journalism and work as an editor. I have worked for Vice Magazine, amongst others, and currently work for So I certainly do not stick to the rule that you can only look at a screen for a maximum of four hours per day. My Twitter addiction does not help either. I grew up in Ede in the heart of the Netherlands, but have lived in Amsterdam since 2005. I love travelling, doing fun things spontaneously and life in the city.

0078  One 2014.jpg

Carmen 'wins' the Heijmans ONE during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

What makes you The ONE?

I belong to the Heijmans ONE target group: 28 years old and a graduate, I work full time but still live in a student house. If I get a pay rise I will earn too much to be eligible for social rent. Not to mention the long (years) waiting list for social rent in Amsterdam. And I don’t want to be tied to a mortgage just yet. What the Heijmans ONE stands for concerns my generation. Heijmans is not a company that many twenty eight-year-olds have heard of, and asking for attention for our problem in this way is very special. I enjoy being the link between the target group and the Heijmans ONE. I believe that the concept of the ONE has a lot of potential and can become very popular.

What do you think about the Heijmans ONE?

It has a door bell! That already makes it a real house to me. But I am very happy with this. It is really much larger than I had expected and it is very homely. Truly very beautiful.

0107  One 2014.jpg

Carmen inside the Heijmans ONE

What do you believe is the problem in the housing market?

People in my age group are being pushed into a box where we don’t feel at home. We don’t want to buy yet when we turn thirty. Also because we often need our parents’ help to do so. So in order to live independently in a house, we, for example, move in together very quickly. Or we are getting ready to move out of our anti-squat house every week. We are forced to be satisfied with what’s available. It is 2014, I believe that we must be able to resolve this in a better way.

You will be celebrating Christmas in the Heijmans ONE. Have you already made any plans?

I normally celebrate Christmas at my parents. But this year it may be time to celebrate it at my house.

Heijmans ONE
Heijmans ONE
Heijmans ONE The movable home