As a delta area, water is a constant challenge. With its terps, dikes and polders, the Netherlands is the forerunner in water-management measures of all shapes and sizes. Climate change and more paving in cities and residential areas, as well as the depletion of fossil fuels are all contributing to the increasing demand for water-restricting measures. The current sewer system simply cannot remove and collect all of this extra water so more is needed.

Unprecedented benefits

Heijmans is a renowned partner in the field of hydraulic engineering. For example, Heijmans developed the Hydrea Thermpipe. A sewage pipe that collects and transports waste water as well as extracting heat from it. A pipe of a few hundred metres can provide (sufficient) heat to an entire neighbourhood. In addition less regular heat is needed and fossil fuels are saved. Or take the water runoff in the Groote Wielen area just outside of 's-Hertogenbosch. The water meanders calmly through the village and comes together in a wadi-like pool. Perfect for a recreation area, but also serves a purpose as a water collection system for all of the rain water.

Finally Heijmans is applying itself to sluice technology. With new and lighter materials that make the sluice easier to control and including technology that ensures optimum water management. So the tide can be turned.