The world is changing rapidly. Fossil fuels and materials are drying up, modernisation is necessary. The construction industry has the chance to put its stamp on the future in the layout and design of the constructed environment. By using sustainable design: with an eye for alternative and decentralized energy production, an efficient use of energy, space and materials and optimum comfort and experiences. That is how sustainability will actually last longest.

Stay fresh

Start early with sustainability, is the general gist at Heijmans. As proven by being the first to work exclusively with FsC wood on all projects, even when that isn’t one of the customer’s requirements. But Heijmans is also innovative in various other areas through the application of sustainable materials, such as low temperature asphalt, the effect of air-purifying paint, 'self-healing' asphalt and the application of 3D print technology to housing construction.

The key point to Heijmans' vision of sustainability is to add or create instead of subtract. That doesn't only apply to materials, but also to use of space and energy. That way Heijmans is convinced that buildings not only have to be free of energy invoices or save energy, but instead produce energy using intelligent applications. We work hard on that prospect, so the contours of tomorrow already appear on the drawing board of today.