Developing and creating a building or an area is not something you do alone. Collaboration and a lot of expertise is needed to make it work. It starts as you devise the plan, prepare the ground for construction and involve the local residents in the change. Consider for example the transformation of the Wijnhaven area in the centre of Den Haag. Currently still a few outdated ministries, soon to be a glittering campus, apartments, an enclosed car park and a beautiful public space. So you can walk quickly and safely from the station to the city centre.

Or the transformation of the station in Bilthoven. Here, we implemented rail connections, an underpass and all of the additional pipework involved. So the city became connected once again. Not little everyday tasks, but a big task requiring all of the knowledge and skill of invention, implementation, renovation and maintenance.

All about the family

That is what Heijmans has specialised in. To such a degree that we've based our organisation on it. All of our business areas work together on complicated assignments by exchanging knowledge. That is what we call 'integrality' and it generates profit for our customers. Because through this optimum collaboration, you proceed faster, with more knowledge, and you can help your customers using a single point of contact.