The construction industry isn't really considered a distinctly innovative sector, certainly not in comparison to for instance IT, the food products industry or the energy sector. But appearances can be deceiving.

Because the building industry makes a lot of use of innovations from other sectors and adapts them for use in the buildings it creates. Think about the integration of technical systems in tunnels, along and above the road or in a hospital. Wi-Fi cabling, monitoring systems or data-infrastructure, all integral parts of construction projects. So that you can work, live, shop or move about pleasantly, safely and comfortably.


Heijmans was established in 1923 and quickly knew how to stand out from the crowd using innovative ideas. This culture has blazed quite a trail over the last 90 years. From safer asphalt, a house you put together yourself to an inspirational motorway. And anyone who thinks it's going to stop will have made a fool’s bargain. Because the essence of innovation is that it must always continue: modernisation is a necessity to become better, faster and more intelligent. And last but not least because customers put these demands on our products. Which works well for us, because that is precisely the type of ingenuity that we are happy to add to our products. And have done so for the past ninety years.