Construction and healthcare are sometimes at odds with each other. Because there is no building or environment that demands such a careful and dynamic design, execution and maintenance as those within the healthcare industry. And all of this has to be taken into account whilst construction delivers a building that will remain standing sturdy and solid for decades. Healthcare is changing drastically. This has to do with legislation, the way in which patients are received, the treatment itself and quality development. Buildings play a large part in this. From healing environments, care hotels, self-cleaning materials to sophisticated energy and data systems.

But still more needs to be done. Dementia, obesity, pressures on public expenditures and forever fitter and mobile baby-boomers, are putting extra demands on healthcare providers and on housing. Being able to live at home for longer, the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle and comfort, these are everyday dreams.


Heijmans is adept at building these sorts of environments. Whether it concerns a hospital, laboratory, nursing home or adapted house. We also take into consideration the influence of technology on the building and the well-being of its users. This is demonstrated by the integration of installation technology and construction, facilitating better building performance. Home-care housing that is fitted with a charging point for a mobility scooter and in which the height of the kitchen counter can be adjusted or the home-care warden can be alerted at the touch of a button. Or an office space where you can easily go outside, where using the stairs is as logical as using the lift or the canteen and the climate ensures optimum performance. So healthcare is not just for the older generation, it is woven into the fabric of a great number of our projects. Good health starts here.