Due to both the housing crisis and development of sustainable techniques, renovation is becoming increasingly interesting. The advantage of renovation is that valuable architecture can be preserved, it often moves much faster than demolition followed by new build and it can even yield long-term cost benefits. So it offers a solution for the improvement of rented social housing in towns and cities and monumental buildings for commercial or cultural use.

However not only inner cities or monuments benefit from this. It is becoming more and more popular to renovate post-war districts rather than to demolish and re-build them. The same goes for recycling concrete, bridges, viaducts and the restoration of monuments. Renovation saves time, money and effort.


These sorts of renovations are quite radical. In order to meet energy and sustainability requirements, a new roof, new fittings and full insulation are needed. Heijmans renovates numerous corporations' residential portfolios. That way we 'pimped-up' nearly 400 homes to a C-energy level in the Limburg Voerendaal region. Making a difference to the monthly energy bills and at the same time making the houses much more appealing.