Technology is one thing, but comfort is something else entirely. Due to the development of installation technology a number of products have become available. Green, intelligent, efficient and so much more. But this technology doesn't work on its own, because who hasn't experienced an overly warm open-plan office or an overheated attic bedroom. Examples in which a heating system was added at the last minute, while its specifications weren’t considered in the design. With drastic consequences: a higher level of sick leave in the office and an air-conditioning unit in the otherwise abandoned attic. 

Think ahead

Examples which demonstrate that technology only works when it is used correctly. Comfort is also about the right lighting, the layout of public spaces, signposting and parking facilities that make it worth the effort to visit an area.

And that starts early on. Already in city construction design, the path of the sun is an issue for us, the same way the incidence of light is for architectonic design. Living, working or shopping comfortably all starts with intelligent design. So that the final installation is not just the sum of its technologies, but an integral design.