At one time you borrowed a cup of sugar from your neighbours. Now you can borrow some energy. Your own energy factory, made out of solar panels, a windmill and the energy that you extract from the sewer, produces just slightly less than the amount you need to bake your cake, bathe the kids and dry the washing. So surely you could just borrow a bit? After all, anyone can generate energy, the technology is readily available. However what is new, is that you can share these technologies collectively thereby increasing the capacity.

New energy

The energy system for residential areas isn't the only one that will work like this. Business sites can also fulfil their demand for energy themselves and share the remaining heat with businesses or households nearby. Through various test projects Heijmans is trialling these new energy systems. Alongside our daughter company De Brinck Groep we are already fitting households with intelligent meters so they have full insight into their energy use and savings. And ideas like Brighthouse work in such a technologically ingenious way that your house no longer uses energy, it generates it. So you will always have some energy left over, also to give to your neighbour.