What do the TNT distribution centres, the High Tech Campus, the Bronovo Hospital in Den Haag, Schiphol Airport, the Markt-Maastunnel, stations and railway connections and the provincial roads in Zeeland all have in common? That's right, they all need to be accessible and available to customers, travellers or entrepreneurs all the time. And that is quite complicated if there are hundreds if not thousands of people using them every day, while maintenance is being carried out.

Strikingly invisible

That is our expertise management and maintenance, which makes up an integral part of our activities. From changing a light bulb, to carrying out emergency repairs to a road surface or runway landing, to maintaining the air-conditioning. Customers need these sort of activities to be carried out quickly, perfectly and invisibly. Because they need to be able to carry on receiving customers, patients or helping travellers on their way. So there's very little chance that you've ever really noticed us working on these projects. Even though we definitely left tracks trough a quick solution, so our work far is from invisible.