The city. Some people don't want anything to do with the hustle and bustle and the eternal lack of space, others can't be dragged away from this spatial ferocity. In the city living with 149 other households in just one hectare is no exception. And at a stone's throw from the supermarket, health centre, museum and the city park. Developing cities into pleasant living environments requires particular skills. Because lack of space puts high demands on quality and requires close cooperation with others. Which means a pleasant city is often the result of years of effort.

Best of both

Heijmans is developing and transforming cities into pleasant, safe and multifunctional spaces, by working intensively with residents, governments and corporations. On inner city and suburban locations. The results are providing residents with good facilities, a green open space and contemporary homes. And by doing so, the rush and space go hand in hand once again and you don't have to choose between them anymore.