Green, urban living

Right between the city and the adjoining nature reserve, a former military base is transformed into a residential neighbourhood. In the middle of ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ healthcare and educational district, a green oasis is emerging that will accommodate a forgotten part of the city’s housing market.

  • 's-Hertogenbosch
  • 2016-2018
  • 50 million
  • Heijmans

Vijf keer bijzonder

  1. Barracks


    The Koning Willem I barracks along the Vlijmensweg was used until 1992. In 1939, it was the only one built under the supervision of the Government Buildings Agency. All others were built following a standard design by the engineer. Nowadays, the Koning Willem I College occupies the old main building and the barracks can be visited in Madurodam.

  2. Green entrance

    Green entrance

    Willemspoort is located right on the border between the city centre and Natura 2000-area along the Gement river, making the new neighbourhood a green city entrance. Even more so, as the transition from the city to the green environment will be subtle.

  3. From project office to community centre

    The current project office will be turned into a community centre. A hospitality entrepreneur will transform the building into a restaurant and include several hotel rooms. Food served will be based on whatever is growing in the adjoining greenhouse. It really needs to become a meeting place.

  4. SONOB-test site

    SONOB-test site

    Solar Noise Barriers, or noise barriers that generate energy; a Heijmans’ innovation that gets more use out of traditional noise barriers. The first SONOB prototypes are being put to the test in Willemspoort.


  5. A new market

    The larger part of the over 300 new homes in Willemspoort are mainly built for the mid-market segment. A market that is hardly served when it comes to new build, both in the owner-occupied and rental sector. The area will be developed in 3 stages.

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