From Newsroom to Student Hotel

The Parool Tower and the Trouw building in Amsterdam will be transformed into a student hotel with 573 rooms and approximately 4,000 m2 of facilities. The new hotel will be entirely completed and delivered in the summer of 2015. The hotel will be open in time for applications for the study year.

  • Amsterdam
  • 2014-2016
  • 28 million
  • Boelens de Gruyter-The Student Hotel

Five Specials

  1. Central Connection

    Central Connection

    The Parool Tower and the Trouw building will soon be connected to each other through the main entrance of the building. Both buildings will function as one multifunctional complex in the near future.

  2. Design & Build

    Design & Build

    This concerns a Design & Build contract whereby the Parool Tower’s façade is retained, and the interior is decontaminated, demolished and redesigned to accommodate hotel rooms, including furnishings and fittings. The adjacent Trouw building will be given a new façade. The top story will be removed and subsequently two new floors will be added at the front and one new floor at the back.

  3. Prefab Bathrooms

    The building has 573 bathrooms in total, of which 26 on each floor in the Parool Tower. To save costs and time, a choice was made for prefab bathrooms. These are made in the factory and only require to be installed. Since quality assurance is greater in the factory than on the building site, the bathrooms have been inspected more thoroughly and represent a higher quality.


  4. Innovative Hotel Concept

    Innovative Hotel Concept

    The Student Hotel received the International Venues Award for the Best Hotel Concept in 2014. It is a fairly new concept in the Netherlands. In this hotel, international, local and exchange students can rent an entirely furnished room which, besides a bed, also has a private bathroom, desk and sufficient storage for study books.

  5. Logistics Partner

    Heijmans is the logistics partner for the fit-up. In addition to creating a trial layout for the fit-up, Heijmans is responsible for ensuring that the cabinets and beds are delivered on time.


The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel From Newsroom to Student Hotel