Transition to Central Checkpoints

Schiphol is undergoing modernization. In order to be and remain Europe’s preferred airport, investments are being made in radical adjustments to increase passenger efficiency and comfort. The intensive modernization includes the transition to central security in the entire terminal. Instead of checkpoints at the gate, five central security checkpoints will be used.

  • Schiphol
  • 2014-2015
  • 20 million
  • Schiphol Nederland BV

Five Specials

  1. Comfortable Travel Process

    Comfortable Travel Process

    For many destinations, passengers have to pass through security checkpoints at the gate prior to boarding. In terms of travel efficiency, this is not ideal. For this reason, central security will be introduced over the entire airport and passengers will immediately pass through security checkpoints in their travel process during departure or when transferring to another flight.

  2. The Correct Route

    The Correct Route

    Screened passengers may not come into contact with travellers who still have to undergo a security check. For this reason, interim floors and ‘overlays’ will be built on the piers. This will help to separate passenger flows (passengers who have already or not yet entirely passed through security).

  3. Limited Disruption

    An airport is in operation almost 24/7. This is taken into account when carrying out the works. To minimize disruption for both passengers and staff, work is carried out outside of operating hours (between 22.00 and 06.00) as much as possible.

  4. Exactly on Time

    Exactly on Time

    Executing work at an airport has specific dynamics. To reduce movements on the building site and minimize stocks, just-in-time deliveries are employed.

  5. Knowledge Partner

    From experience gained in previous collaborations with Schiphol, we have knowledge of the logistics and operational process at the airport. From this knowledge, a design has been realized that fits the primary process of Schiphol.