Construction & culture

Leiden Noord is undergoing a great transformation. The first ever city expansion beyond the canals will offer a new city centre to a wide public. During construction the Plein van Leiden, located in the northern part of the ‘Sleutelstad’ (key city), will be a cultural hotspot.

  • Leiden
  • 2014-2019
  • 85 million
  • The municipality of Leiden

Special for five reasons

  1. Cultural cement

    Cultural cement

    During construction we will treat residents and the public to events. Together with Cultuurfonds Leiden we will transform Kooiplein into a large stage for i.e. a grand construction site show and the free festival Noorderliefde.


  2. An enriched mix

    An enriched mix

    Current demographics show many different cultures, but quite a one-sided income group. The new plan provides a place for current residents and makes the Plein appealing to new target groups, thus resulting in an attractive neighbourhood.


  3. Existing strength

    Transformation of the neighbourhood is based on its present strength. Local residents and entrepreneurs play a part in the campaign. There is a high level of information supply and involvement, so the residents and builder are making the Plein together.

  4. First expansion beyond canals

    First expansion beyond canals

    At the beginning of the twentieth century Leiden was bursting at the seams. The city expanded to the north, the Kooi being the first expansion area beyond the canals. The neighbourhood is one of the key gateways to the historical centre.

  5. Own decision on temporary use

    Old buildings are making room for new-build. Temporary use, like cultural activities, benefits the quality of life, which helps prevent derelict sites. Local residents and interested parties determine the best temporary solution.

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