Connecting West and East

The N23 Westfrisiaweg forms an essential part of the alternative East-West link from Alkmaar to Zwolle: the N23. The 42 kilometre long stretch runs from Heerhugowaard to Enkhuizen and connects to Hoorn on the A7 at two points. Upgrading this route will improve the traffic flow, liveability and road safety in the region.

  • Alkmaar - Enkhuizen
  • 2014-2018
  • 200 million
  • Province of Noord-Holland

Five specials

  1. Most value

    Most value

    Heijmans won the project in a Best Value Procurement (BVP) procedure. The starting being: the best value for your money. BVP offers bidders the chance to show off their expertise to the maximum and by doing so create distinctive capacity. For this project additional deciding factors included risk management, environment management and limiting disruption.

  2. Getting from A to B safely and quickly

    Getting from A to B safely and quickly

    The new N23 Westfrisiaweg improves the traffic flow and road safety. The link will have less obstacles for ongoing traffic, provide cyclists and pedestrians with safer cross-overs and will keep villages from being used as a cut-through.

  3. Caring for nature

    As many of the existing roads as possible are being used for the improvement to spare nature and the environment as much as feasible. In addition compensatory measures are being taken. Such as eco-divers or divers using a gangway, as well as nature-friendly banks and spacious verges and ditches.

  4. Building efficiently, with environmental awareness

    Building efficiently, with environmental awareness

    Thanks to clever phasing and planning, during the build, the traffic flow will be preserved and disruption to the environment will be limited. A comprehensive opportunities/risk file used alongside BIM has created a total approach for an efficient, safe and environmentally aware implementation.

  5. Integral approach

    Heijmans disciplines have been working together ever since the design phase. Everyone is making a contribution based on their own expertise, to the reconstruction or widening of the (parallel) roads, the construction of crossings with uneven surfaces, roundabouts and engineering works, bicycle underpasses, footbridges and noise pollution measures.