130,000 m² Familiar Territory

The lighting, the temperature, the water and the electricity; everything in the new building for the Dutch Ministries of Security and Justice, and Interior and Kingdom Relations in The Hague has to be in working order at an agreed level, for a period of 18 years. That is our mission and that is what we realize through 24/7 management and maintenance, so that not one square centimetre of the 130,000 m² territory is still unknown.

  • The Hague
  • 2014-2032
  • 25 million
  • Central Government Real Estate Agency

Five Specials

  1. Knowledge Partner

    Knowledge Partner

    What is unique about our work is the role of quality controller of the technical services. This knowledge is shared with the owner, the Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf), and with future integrated management contracts. That’s how we keep developing our knowledge.

  2. Strength from the Market

    Strength from the Market

    Contrary to traditional tenders, the customer did not prescribe any solutions, but enquired about the expertise of the market. Based on EMVI criteria, Heijmans was subsequently selected.

  3. Three out of Four

    The •Central Government Real Estate Agency wants sustainable, flexible and innovative housing for the best price. That is why four pilots for ‘main contracting’ are running. Heijmans has been awarded a number of plots in three of the total of four pilots.

  4. User Quality Guarantee

    User Quality Guarantee

    It has been established through service levels at which level the building has to perform. This applies to temperature, the lighting and all kinds of other aspects that make a building comfortable. The purpose of these types of performance agreements is to guarantee the user’s comfort by making that performance the focal point.

  5. A Matter of Trust

    The Dutch government is increasingly awarding more long-term maintenance contracts, from effort-based to performance-based maintenance. This requires transparency and mutual trust, not only from the side of the client, but also from Heijmans, for a period of 18 years. We achieve this by sharing expertise and through development.