Future proof hospital

The Meander Medical Centre is the newest top clinical hospital in the Netherlands. From the design phase onwards, the patients’ well-being and comfort were key. The efficient layout of the rooms provided patients with privacy and peace, thus reducing admission time.

  • Amersfoort
  • 2010-2013
  • 181 million
  • Meander Medical Center

Five specials

  1. Construction and technology

    Construction and technology

    Not only have building and technical implementation activities been carried out during construction, integral maintenance is also conducted. As Heijmans has a combined knowledge of both construction and technology, this results in the application of more intelligent and efficient solutions.

  2. Healing environment

    Healing environment

    The patient’s well-being is central to the design. So everyone gets their own modern individual room. This provides rest, space and privacy. And that contributes to the healing process.

  3. Error prevention

    By using a 3D model, we worked collaboratively on the design of the hospital from an early stage. This provided insight into how users would experience the building and prevented the wrong design choices and construction errors from being made. Thus improving the liveability of the building.

  4. Three year maintenance

    Three year maintenance

    Due to the flexible path followed in the building process and the need for proper knowledge-transfer, the technical and construction maintenance of the brand new facilities will be provided by Heijmans over the next few years.

  5. Constant climate

    Sustainability is an important starting point for the new hospital. So energy-saving techniques were used, ranging from LED lighting to thermal storage systems. The extent to which concrete core activation was used is absolutely unique. This was applied at the centre of the concrete floors.