Alive and kicking

Keijzersveste is one of Heijmans’ newbuild projects in Pijnacker. There will be a diverse range of houses and shopping centre. The number of inhabitants in the region is growing sharply. That requires management, market insight and knowledge about how communities develop. Heijmans can provide all of that.

  • Pijnacker
  • 2012-2014
  • 39 million
  • City of Pijnacker

Five specials

  1. Small Town Qualities

    Small Town Qualities

    Large ‘Vinex’ locations such as Pijnacker will only flourish if there is a focus on vitality, a small-scale feel and character. Keijzersveste in one such example. Here landscape and dwellings come together in harmony and the shops, leisure facilities, cafés and restaurants make it a lively area.

  2. History with a modern twist

    History with a modern twist

    Just as before, Keijzersveste is situated on the village canal or ‘dorpsgracht’. A conscious decision has been made to use traditional materials, such as brick and ceramic pan tiles. The stately, tree-lined promenade along the canal, is reminiscent of old times.

  3. Small gestures, great results

    Vinex-locations become more beautiful as the green spaces mature. Green is therefore visible everywhere in the area. As is the roof garden, for which Heijmans provides maintenance. This way hte residents of Keijzersveste will continue to live in a beautiful, pleasant environment far into the future.

  4. Freedom for everyone

    Freedom for everyone

    From starter homes to retirement homes, provision has been made for everyone. The ‘Wenswonen’ (flexible living) residential building concept offers great freedom of choice. The flexible structure is unique, because installation is separate. Residents can change the lay-out right up to completion.

  5. Connecting link

    Keijzersveste is being constructed by a building team. Within this team, Heijmans is the coordinating area developer alongside the municipal council, Rondom Wonen and the property investment company CBRE. Knowledge sharing will result in an area that everyone can be proud of.