City parc Amsterdam

An oasis of calm in the eastern part of Amsterdam city centre: that’s Het Funen. 550 properties situated in a lively municipal park where people can enjoy a picnic together and children can play freely in the fresh air. A slice of paradise between the Czaar Peterbuurt and the water of the Nieuwevaart.

  • Amsterdam
  • 2002-2009
  • 85 million
  • Amsterdam City Council & De Key

Special for five reasons

  1. Box of chocolates

    Box of chocolates

    No less than nine different architects designed the residential buildings. Unsurprisingly, then, ‘Hidden Delights’ (the urban plan) entailed the properties literally being presented like a box of chocolates. Diverse, each with its own unique character.


  2. For everyone

    For everyone

    Het Funen is for everyone. 30% of the properties are intended as social housing. For the private sector there are properties in all price categories and of all types (from houses and apartments to [detached] maisonettes). In addition, there is 3,200 m2 of space for businesses.


  3. Flowers and decking

    The paving comprises specially designed slabs which fan out in a flower motif in the grass. Various properties have a decked terrace. The decking forms a transition between the buildings and the park.

  4. Freely and safely

    Freely and safely

    A car park (248 spaces) under the peripheral buildings ensures that the inner area remains a car-free space where young and old can move around freely and safely. At the same time the peripheral buildings form a ‘noise barrier’ between the inner area and the adjacent railway.


  5. Plants everywhere

    Living in a municipal park means being surrounded by plants. In the case of Het Funen, it even means green roofs and green façades. What’s more, several properties feature a demand-driven heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system. The air quality is continuously measured, with ventilation requirements being adjusted accordingly.


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