Building in The Hague’s International Zone

Eurojust combats serious cross-border crime and organized crime within the member states of the EU. The expansion of tasks and personnel in the Netherlands has led to the realization of new housing. The employees of Eurojust now work from two locations. In two years’ time, they will all work under one roof in their building in The Hague’s World Forum area.

  • The Hague
  • 2014-2016
  • 105 million
  • Central Government Real Estate Agency

Five specials

  1. Safety First

    Safety First

    To ensure safety at the site, Heijmans provides an integrated security process. This varies from specific technical solutions to dunes and water features around the building. The vegetation complements the immediate, green environment of the Zorgvliet district.

  2. Unique Facade

    Unique Facade

    Together with TGM, Solico, Norwin, Indupol and DSM, Heijmans is designing a new composites facade which exceeds the prescribed quality standards and saves costs.

  3. Quality above Price

    The contract was awarded on the basis of Economically Most Advantageous Tender, with the construction quality being a major contributing factor. By using system engineering (a method for project-based work), requirements are verified structurally to avoid errors and delays afterwards.

  4. Disruption Planning

    Disruption Planning

    Thanks to measures such as just-in-time deliveries, prefabrication and a complaints hotline, noise and logistics nuisance for local residents is reduced as much as possible.

  5. Knowledge Transfer

    The maintenance period of 15 years (with an option for a 5- year extension) is already cleverly included during the realization. The deployment of a transit manager guarantees knowledge transfer between the realization and maintenance period. This allows an integrated working method to be used optimally.


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