Royal Concert Hall with History

In the heart of Antwerp rises the Elisabeth Center Antwerp, a multifunctional auditorium with the old glory of a 19th-century monument in combination with the latest technology. The Royal Concert Hall offers space for concerts, conferences and theatre.

  • Antwerp (BE)
  • 2014-2016
  • 25 million
  • KMDA | ZOO Antwerp

Five specials

  1. Multifunctional


    Depending on the configuration (theatre, concert, conference), the capacity varies between 1,825 and 2,000 seats. The two new halls can be divided into different compartments and can be combined with the existing halls of the ZOO.

  2. Rich History

    Rich History

    In 1897 the Great Banqueting Hall was built in this location by the wealthy middle class for dance evenings and symphony orchestras. In 1960 the hall was transformed into the Queen Elisabeth Hall. In the new situation the old glory of the monument is combined with modern technology.

  3. Acoustics

    The technical challenge is undoubtedly the acoustics. It is reflected in all disciplines of the building, from the main structures to the smallest details of the doors. The superior acoustics will soon be comparable to the best concert halls in the world.

  4. The Heart of Antwerp

    The Heart of Antwerp

    The auditorium of the ZOO is located next to Antwerp Central Station, in the heart of the city centre. For this urban project, the involvement of the immediate environment, minimizing work traffic and noise pollution are high up on the agenda.

  5. Energy-Efficient

    The building is realized with sustainable materials and will be energy-efficient. Vegetation on the roof will ensure better insulation, heat loss will be reduced as much as possible, all the wood used has an FSC label and rainwater will be used for the sanitation facilities.