On the Road to the Future

Eindhoven Airport has been expanded to include new shops, welcoming hospitality concepts and a new hotel in its efforts to achieve a more customer-friendly approach and customer service efficiency. The existing terminal with baggage handling system and check-in desks has also been expanded. The expansion was carried out in preparation for future passenger growth of up to five million in 2020.

  • Eindhoven
  • 2011-2013
  • 9 million
  • Eindhoven Airport

Five specials

  1. Passenger Growth

    Passenger Growth

    Despite the complexity of the airport expansion and the number of parties involved, business at the airport continued as usual. In fact, the number of passengers flying from Eindhoven Airport increased by almost a million during the construction works.

  2. 13m-High Columns

    13m-High Columns

    The 120-room Tulip Inn hotel is built on 13-metre high columns. These huge columns rest on two cores anchored by wall discs and bear the weight of the whole superstructure. The design of the hotel’s remarkable support structure required complicated calculations of forces.

  3. Looking Ahead

    Together with airport managers, intensive discussions took place to avoid disruption to the operational process of the airport. Disruption was minimized thanks to a phasing and contingency plan. An example is the construction planning: materials were ordered in advance and constructions were well thought out in advance, resulting in the avoidance of unnecessary disruption.

  4. 60 Metres Wider

    60 Metres Wider

    The existing terminal is now approximately 60 metres wider. This hall houses the new baggage handling system and above that is a floor dedicated to new offices that connect to existing offices. The arrivals hall at the front of the terminal has been expanded and above it towers the new 33-metre high hotel.

  5. Sustainable Ambition

    The new building fits the sustainability ambitions of Eindhoven Airport. The hotel meets the requirements of the quality mark ‘Green Key’ label ‘Gold’ and energy label A++. The terminal has the energy label A+. Among other things, sustainable building materials, energy-efficient lighting, PV panels and solar collectors have been used.