Facelift for Research Facility

DSM Food Specialities has a new laboratory for biotechnology research, which was designed in close cooperation with its users, because they know their work processes better than anyone. The construction of the lab is the first step in the so-called Fit4Future Programme: the redevelopment plan to transform the western part of DSM Delft into a biotechnology centre.

  • Delft
  • 2014-2016
  • 23 million
  • DSM Food Specialities

Five specials

  1. Conversation with Users

    Conversation with Users

    The requirements and needs for the 285 workspaces were identified in close cooperation with the users. This cooperation not only constituted the basis for the integrated design, it also made the project interesting and unique. Together with the architect, the end users supplied the basis for the programme of requirements for the new building.

  2. Future-Proof


    The new laboratory replaces the current lab that has since become too small and obsolete, and no longer meets the requirements and needs of the present time. In addition to the lab function, the plan also includes offices and meeting rooms.

  3. Three in One

    The tender was put out to the market in three separate lots, or requests for proposals. Ultimately, the decision was to opt for the integrated approach of Heijmans, which in fact addresses all three lots. We will pool the architectural, electrical engineering and the mechanical engineering expertise for the construction of the new building.

  4. Cross-Pollination


    To promote synergy and interaction, part of the offices and meeting rooms in the new building will be used in the near future by suppliers, partners or other companies in the ‘eco system’. This will create a lively area in which expertise and knowledge will be given room to develop.

  5. Appearance

    The building in which the laboratory is housed is straight-lined and compact on the outside, while the inside is open and transparent. The spacious effect is strengthened thanks to elements such as an atrium, double heights, diagonals and an auditorium.