Daredevil ride

The Efteling’s new rollercoaster takes visitors on a ride into the period of Dutch mining in the 19th century. In dive coaster ‘Baron 1898’ daredevils free fall 37.5 metres into a mineshaft. By building the mining factory Heijmans has flawlessly brought to life the themed story of greedy mining lord Gustave Hoogmood

  • Kaatsheuvel
  • 2015-2015
  • -
  • Efteling BV

Vijf keer bijzonder

  1. Art back then

    Art back then

    Some 30 years ago the last Dutch brick chimney was built. We succeeded in making the tall blackened chimney seem a hundred years old. A number of bricks were broken on purpose and laid in an irregular pattern.

  2. Progressive insight

    Progressive insight

    The constructive and architectural design was based on the layout of the Efteling. The execution was remarkable. Also during the construction phase, parts were assessed, optimized and created in a short period of time. This was necessary mostly due to the short construction period.

  3. Lean construction

    The Efteling’s ambition to deliver the ride within 10 month was a daunting challenge. Tightening the planning process resulted in lean construction.

  4. Start day

    Start day

    Every day at 9AM sharp the construction team sat down to discuss the work planned for that day. Continuously looking for improvements and implementing these within the shortest possible timescale turned out to be a team effort. The deadline was met.

  5. Repeating success

    What makes mining architecture special and what was the design like? The art of themed con-struction has once again turned out to be a success. Façade details such as ‘mice teeth’, arches including corner stones and keystones and the plastering work. After Efteling Bosrijk, Raveleijn and Aquanura we can now also add Baron 1898 to our list.