Better and faster accessibility

From autumn 2016 works will commence on the route between the A1 Apeldoorn South and the Beekbergen junction. In due course, the new connecting road from Deventer to Arnhem and widening of the A1 will ensure improved traffic flow and accessibility of the region.

  • Apeldoorn - Beekbergen
  • 2016-2018
  • 20 million
  • Rijkswaterstaat

Special for five reasons

  1. Best value

    Best value

    The project was put out to tender in line with the principles of Best Value Procurement. The bottom line was to achieve maximum value at a realistic price. Heijmans did not have the lowest bid price, but scored highest on all EMVI (‘Economically Most Advantageous Bid’) criteria for this project: risk management, managing the surrounding area, and minimizing nuisance.

  2. Three-leaf clover

    Three-leaf clover

    For the benefit of through traffic coming from the Deventer direction and heading towards Arnhem, one of the junction’s jughandles is being replaced by a new slip road including a viaduct over the A50. An extra lane will be added for traffic joining and leaving the motorway, ensuring better traffic flow.

  3. Buzzards

    Consideration has been given to the ecological value of the surrounding area. Trees have been felled in good time to ensure that the resident buzzards are not disturbed during the breeding season and the project does not suffer any delays.


  4. Weekend work

    Weekend work

    The work will be finalized over three weekends in the summer of 2017 so as to minimize nuisance to road users. Following closure of the junction during the first weekend, it will be possible to put the new slip road into use. During the other weekends, expansion joints and asphalt will be replaced.

  5. Satisfaction of affected parties

    A periodic survey will be used to measure the level of satisfaction of road users, local residents and other stakeholders vis-à-vis the implementation of the project. Feedback will enable timely adjustment of the approach.

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Animatie Widening A1