In the Netherlands, almost 120,000 kilometers of roads dating from the 1960s and 1970s are in urgent need of maintenance or repair. Municipalities are thus looking for affordable solutions that will give them peace of mind for a few more decades. They want road surfaces that create fewer noise-related problems and are safe in all weather conditions. Heijmans Recoflex offers the ideal solution for these issues.

Residential streets from the 1960s and 1970s often consist of cobblestones or older asphalt products. These streets require relatively more maintenance than modern asphalt roads and are less skid-resistant, which makes them more dangerous for traffic, particularly in poor weather conditions. In addition, cobblestones produce more noise than roads with an asphalt top layer. After serving their purpose for forty or fifty years, these streets are often in dire need of maintenance or replacement.

Old streets as the foundation

Since 2015, existing streets can also be used as a foundation for new layers of asphalt. Heijmans Recoflex is a complete asphalt product in a single layer. The product is flexible and strong and is not susceptible to fatigue. It also makes use of the existing hardened layer or foundation. The surface continues to be effective when used by heavy traffic. Old roads are given a 4.5 cm thick layer of Heijmans Recoflex.

It only takes two days to lay Heijmans Recoflex and, compared to traditional road replacements in residential areas, streets do not have to be closed off for a whole week, thereby leading to fewer nuisances.

When maintenance is taken into account, Heijmans Recoflex can help to realize savings of up to 30%.