Fairytrail: a fairy tale in concrete

Cycle paths, pavements and pedestrian zones are mainly to be seen in many shades of grey. But sometimes grey is not enough and that’s when a cycle path or a footpath is allowed to twinkle like a starry sky. That is Fairytrail – a sparkling surface that makes public spaces prettier and safer.

Beautiful patterns

Fairytrail is renowned for its beautiful fluorescent and/or glow-in-the-dark patterns. The patterns are created through applying unique illuminating elements to a concrete surface. During the day they absorb light and in the dark they reflect the light. The best example is the 600-metre-long Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path between Nuenen and Eindhoven. It is the most innovative and artistic cycle path in the Netherlands.


In concrete

Applying illuminating elements to concrete surfaces makes Fairytrail ideal for use in public squares, pedestrian zones and on cycle paths and footpaths. It guides cyclists and pedestrians, as it were, from dusk till dawn and thus offers them a unique experience. This happens literally in the Dutch municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel where Fairytrail tiles are spread out to mark a five-kilometre-long route through the city. A QR code on each tile can be scanned with a smartphone by anyone wishing to have more information on the municipal plans in the area. Fairytrail is supplied prefabricated and meets skid resistance requirements. Compared with traditional surfaces it requires no extra maintenance once it has been laid.

Heijmans Fairytrail

Any pattern, design and size

The patterns in Fairytrail can be made to any requirement, any design and any size. Fairytrail is available in a glow-in-the-dark design and in a fluorescent design. During the day the glow-in-the-dark elements provide soft colour tones and the fluorescent elements are instantly recognizable by their sparkling colours. To do justice to the Fairytrail patterns at night the concrete is lit as subtly as possible during the day using special UV lighting.


The advantages of Fairytrail in a row:

  • Makes the environment prettier and safer
  • Helps prevent light pollution
  • No disturbance to nature
  • Long lifecycle
  • Suitable for unique designs and patterns