Zuidasdok officially awarded

21 February 2017, 07:30

The task of designing and constructing the Zuidasdok has been officially awarded to ZuidPlus, the consortium that consists of Fluor, Heijmans and HOCHTIEF. The project encompasses widening the A10 South in Amsterdam and rerouting it underground as well as the expansion and modernization of Amsterdam Zuid railway station. The contract had already been provisionally awarded to the consortium on 19 January 2017.

Joint project

The A10 South is one of the busiest motorways in the Netherlands. Traffic frequently comes to a standstill on the motorway and at exits S108 and S109 during rush hour, and the station’s platforms get pretty crowded. In total, the motorway will be getting eight lanes for through traffic and four for local traffic. The roadway is to be rerouted underground at the level of the current station.

Creating an A10 tunnel alongside Amsterdam’s Zuidas district will provide the ageing Amsterdam Zuid station with the space it needs to expand and become a high-quality public transport hub. Furthermore, the two halves of the district will be sutured together, giving rise to a single residential, business and retail area. The interconnectedness of the urban road network, the A10 and Amsterdam Zuid station means that the Zuidasdok is a joint construction project between Rijkswaterstaat, Amsterdam City Council, ProRail, North Holland Provincial Authority and Vervoerregio Amsterdam.


Minister for Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz van Haegen: “The Zuidasdok project will see us give a substantial boost to the accessibility of the northern part of the Randstad area, enabling the Zuidas district to continue developing to become a top location for international businesses, shops and new residential properties”.

Consideration for the surrounding area

The Zuidasdok project is being implemented in the heart of the bustling Zuidas district, a concentrated area in which people live, work and do business alongside one another. The tendering process included a request to ensure maximum consideration for the surrounding area. Based on a reference design and a comprehensive package of requirements, including for minimizing disruption to the surrounding area, market parties were invited to give free rein to their creativity. ZuidPlus succeeded in putting forward creative solutions to minimize this disruption.

For example, the volume of construction vehicle traffic will, wherever possible, be limited by smart pooling of resources when it comes to getting people or materials onto or off of the construction areas. Moreover, creating two temporary roads that connect directly up to the A10 will ensure that construction vehicle traffic will to a large extent be kept out of the city. Building the tunnels for the A10 will be done according to the walls/roof method, enabling a sizeable proportion of the work to be done under a roof, thereby considerably reducing noise nuisance for the surrounding area.

Zuidasdok Impression


The construction work is set to commence in 2019. The focus prior to this will be on preparatory work and fleshing out the tender to produce a preliminary design with a more detailed approach and schedule. Zuidasdok will be complete by 2028. The tender encompasses a contractual value of 990 million euros, making it one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands at present. The project is being financed by central government, Amsterdam City Council, Vervoerregio Amsterdam and North Holland Provincial Authority, with an additional contribution from NS (Netherlands Railways). Rijkswaterstaat will act as contracting authority.