Work resumes on N23 Westfrisiaweg

The Province of Noord-Holland and Heijmans reach agreement

15 February 2017, 15:30

Heijmans and the Province of Noord-Holland have reached agreement about the N23 Westfrisiaweg project. The parties have formulated mutual agreements about the further planning and implementation of the project. Heijmans, with immediate effect, will resume work on the N23 Westfrisiaweg and expects to be able to open the road to traffic at the end of 2018. The ongoing arbitration proceedings will also be suspended.

A difference of opinion had arisen about the realisation of the project concerning the soil condition. Intensive discussions have resulted in agreement concerning the continuation of the project

Member of the Provincial Executive Elisabeth Post (Mobility):

“Resumption of the work on the N23 Westfrisiaweg is in the interest of the residents and business community in the West-Friesland region. We specifically felt that responsibility jointly with Heijmans. We held intensive discussions. It was not always easy, but it was constructive. This is why we were able to find a good solution and reach agreement. I am happy that the work will now be resumed as quickly as possible and that together with Heijmans, we will be working to open the road at the end of 2018.”

Ruud Majenburg, member of Heijmans' Executive Board:

"The agreement puts an end to an undesirable situation for road users, nearby residents and companies. We are happy that the attempts made to find a solution ultimately resulted in this agreement. We will work together to complete the remainder of the project."

Heijmans will issue a separate press release to announce the impact on the financial result and the financing, before the start of trading on Thursday 16 February 2017.