Wintrack II contract Heijmans-Europoles and TenneT terminated

15 October 2018, 06:00

As a result of difference of opinion in the project, TenneT has terminated The Wintrack II contract and the realisation of this project has been stopped. The contract involves the construction of new high-voltage pylons for two tracks: Eemshaven-Vierverlaten and Borssele-Rilland.

The Heijmans-Europoles consortium is currently in talks with the client, TenneT, about the settlement. TenneT granted the consortium the contract in January 2017 under the header ‘Realisatie Wintrack II, Noordwest 380kV en Zuidwest 380kV’. In the consortium, Heijmans is responsible for the construction of the foundations for the high-voltage pylons, while Europoles is responsible for the pylons themselves.

A difference of opinion has risen between the consortium and the client. As a result of this, TenneT has decided to terminate the contract. At the moment, consultations are ongoing with TenneT to discuss the financial settlement

In addition, Heijmans’ German partner Europoles applied for an insolvency procedure in Germany due to financial problems, intended to realise a sustainable restructuring of the company.