Start of major maintenance work on Kaagbaan

March 8, 2017

Heijmans and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be commencing major maintenance work on the airport’s Kaagbaan runway on 18 March. The work will continue until 24 May. During this time the Kaagbaan will not be in service. This year, an integrated approach has been chosen, entailing various types of work being combined over a period exceeding nine weeks.


Nigh on the entire length of the runway (a total of 225,000 m2) will be given new layers of asphalt surfacing. The reinforced rainwater drainage channels, over which the heaviest class of aircraft is capable of manoeuvring, are to be raised and modernized over a six-kilometre stretch.

Moreover, the edges of the runway are to be modernized and the runway will be coated in antiskid, a coarse top layer. In addition to these measures, the complete lighting system, encompassing 1,500 lights and accompanying equipment, will be replaced with an energy-efficient system.

130 kilometres of new cables will also be laid, the surrounding grass fields will be restored and supplied with drainage and new grass. To this end, over 15,000 kilograms of grass seed will be used. Furthermore, the main water drain with a diameter of 1.5 metres is to be replaced.

Schiphol will be carrying out the work in partnership with Heijmans. Some 700 staff will be working day and night in shifts to see to it that the Kaagbaan is fully operational once more on time.