Rotterdam chooses Heijmans for construction of 226 new homes

19 June 2020, 07:22

Rotterdam city council has selected Heijmans for the Leeuwenkuil op Zuid project. Heijmans expects to start construction on a total of 226 homes in late 2021 or early 2022. The project, with a value of around € 70 million, is part of the Parkstad plan, which will connect the Afrikaander neighbourhood with the Kop van Zuid pensinsular.

Rotterdam city council’s evaluation committee were unanimous in finding Heijmans the best candidate for the project. Heijmans has previously acted as developer and builder in Rotterdam, on projects including the Timmerhuis, Fenix 1 on the Katendrecht peninsular and various buildings in the Hart van Zuid project. The Leeuwenkuil Project is a good match on several levels with what Heijmans stands for: building a healthy living environment. The project is very green, with a focus on water and nature, attractive connecting areas, including courtyards and walking routes that will stimulate meetings between residents and visitors.

Arthur IJsseldijk, Heijmans Property Development: “We are pleased and proud that our plan was found to be the best. We are ready to work with the council to realise this extraordinary location and add another beautiful piece of city in Zuid.” In addition to Heijmans, the winning team consists of ROFFAA, XML Architecture, Flux landscape architecture and Arcadis.


About the Leeuwenkuil Project

The Leeuwenkuil is located on the south-western side of the Laan op Zuid and is part of the Parkstad development plan. This plan is the link between Kop van Zuid and the Afrikaander neighbourhood. Over the past few years, this neighbourhood has been transformed and now offers an increasingly differentiated range of homes. This is helping to make this neighbourhood into a livelier and more diverse urban district. The Leeuwenkuil Project will add 76 new rental homes in the mid-rental segment.